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KempoTronic AVL (Analog Voltage Limiter) General Overview


We build an analog voltage limiter that interferes between a 0-5 Volt sensor output and the controller on which this sensor is connected. The output voltage of our AVL can be selected with a 16 way position switch in steps of 0.10 Volt.

The accuracy is guaranteed by the fact that our AVL is controlled by a 32 bit microprocessor with a 12 bit digital to analog output, which means that each step equals 0.0012 Volt. Each AVL that we produce is individually calibrated so that each selection switch position corresponds exactly with a step of 0.10 Volt.

The AVL works with any 0-5 Volt sensor. The AVL takes its supply voltage from the same 5V / ground supply of the sensor. There is no need to find another supply, except when you have a 2-wire sensor, then you have to find a separate 5V supply from the corresponding controller (ECU).

For example, it can be used as Fuel Cut Defender.

This KempoTronic AVL module can be used to limit any 0-5V sensor OUTPUT VOLTAGE on the:

  • AVL100
    • UPPER side limit of 3.5V->5.0V (to be selected with the selection switch in steps of 0.10 Volt)
  • AVL150
    • LOWER side limit of 0.0V->1.5V (to be selected with the selection switch in steps of 0.10 Volt)

If you select the "0" position there will be no limit. The AVL will than reproduce exactly the same output voltage as the input voltage coming from the sensor.

If the input of AVL coming from the sensor reaches the selected limit voltage, the RED led will:

  • STAY ON : when the input continues to reach the selected limit
  • FLASH : when the input has reached the selected limit, but doesn't reach the limit anymore at the moment
  • STAY OFF : when the input never reached the selected limit

It is important to know that modifying an original signal from a sensor can be dangerous, because the controller doesn't receive the correct data anymore and can only act in function of its inputs. For this reason the AVL may only be installed and tuned by a KempoTronic Authorized Workshop. It is necessary to adapt all the mappings according to this modification to stay save.
If for example, you use the AVL as a Fuel Cut Defender so that you can increase the boost above the OEM limit, it is necessary to modify at least the fuel and ignition maps so that the engine runs safe !!!

How to use KempoTronic AVL100A Upper Analog Voltage Limiter