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KempoTronic AVL100A used as “Fuel Cut Defender” - FCD


The KempoTronic AVL100A can also be used as a Fuel Cut Defender.

There are different types of FCD’s :

This version “AVL100A” can only be used with any 0-5V analog sensors, which is the most common version.

Other FCD versions will be launched in the near future.


If you search for a reliable, accurate and repetitive FCD then this is the one you need:

    • because professional made, with automotive selected electronic components
    • because it takes the same isolated 5V and digital ground as the sensor
    • no influence of any electrical interferences of the board net 12V supply
    • has a qualitative automotive sealed 4-way connector
  • · ACCURACY :
    • because it uses a 32-bit microprocessor to do the job.
    • because the input and output have a 12-bit resolution (each step corresponds to 0.00122V or 1.22mV)
    • the 16-way selectable output delivers an accurate and calibrated voltage
      (from 5.00 V to 3.50 V in accurate steps of 0.10 V)
    • because of the extreme accuracy and individual calibration, coming back to the same position (0->F) will always give exactly the same output


To install this module, you need to find the:

  • +5 Volt ECU supply
  • Digital Ground ECU supply
  • Sensor related output, knowing the sensor wire side and ECU wire side.

You can find the correct connection by:

  • Finding the correct sensor or ECU pinout of your car
    • Be aware to use the correct schematic
      • There can be differences on
        • EU – European versions
        • JDM – Japanese Domestic versions
        • UDM – US Domestic versions
        • Or even for other countries
      • Don’t always trust the wire colors, ECU pin is preferred
    • Always measure the Sensor or ECU pinout.

Detailed installation manual will be delivered with each kit.

BRAND Model Body Engine Year Remarks
MAZDA RX-7 FC3S 13BT 85/09-91/10
NISSAN Skyline ER34 RB25DET 98/05-01/05
SUBARU Impreza GC8 EJ207 98/09-00/07 STi Ver.V~VI
SUBARU Impreza GC8 EJ20G, K 96/09-98/09 STi Ver.III~IV
SUBARU Impreza GC8 EJ20G 92/10-96/09 STi Ver.I~II
SUBARU Impreza GF8 EJ20K 96/08-98/08
SUBARU Impreza GF8 EJ20G 93/10-96/08
SUBARU Forester SF5 EJ20G 97/02-98/08
SUBARU Legacy BD5 EJ20# 96/06-98/12
SUBARU Legacy BD5 EJ20H 93/10-96/05
SUBARU Legacy BC5, BF5 EJ20G 89/02-93/09
SUBARU Legacy BE5 EJ206 98/06-01/04
SUBARU Legacy BH5 EJ20# 98/06-01/04
SUBARU Legacy BG5 EJ20# 96/06-98/12
SUBARU Legacy BG5 EJ20H 93/10-96/05
TOYOTA Celica ST185 3S-GTE 89/09-94/01
TOYOTA Celica ST205 3S-GTE 94/02-99/08
TOYOTA MR2 SW20 3S-GTE 89/10-99/09
TOYOTA MR2 SW20 3S-GTE 89/10-99/09
TOYOTA Starlet EP71 2E-TE 86/01-89/11
TOYOTA Starlet EP82 4E-FTE 89/12-95/11
TOYOTA Starlet EP91 4E-FTE 95/12-99/10
TOYOTA Supra MA70 7M-GTE 86/02-93/05 Turbo A
TOYOTA Supra JZA70 1JZ-GTE 90/08-93/04
TOYOTA Supra JZA80 2JZ-GTE 93/05-97/07
TOYOTA Supra JZA80 2JZ-GTE 97/08-02/08 VVT-i

These are only a few examples of popular applications. If your car is not listed, ask us by e-mail, mentioning BRAND/Mode/Body/Engine/Production year-month and VIN Number.


It is important to know that modifying an original signal from a sensor can be dangerous, because the controller doesn't receive the correct data anymore and can only act in function of its inputs.
If you use the AVL as a Fuel Cut Defender, so that you can increase the boost above the OEM limit, it is necessary to modify at least the fuel and ignition maps so that the engine runs safe, avoid knocking and lean running !!!

Ensure also that the engine is mechanically modified to safely support the increased boost.

This module is only a part of your tuning. The necessary modifications to let run the engine safe are the responsibility of the installer.


How to use KempoTronic AVL100A Upper Analog Voltage Limiter